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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:  是否需要全屋裝修才可安裝智能家居?
A1:  我們有不同的智能方案, 適合各種家居/辦工室環景, 即使不是全屋裝修/大工程, 都隨時能夠安裝。

Q2:  是否任何單位都能安裝成智能家居?
A2:  對, 新裝修/舊唐樓/商戶/旅館/酒店 都可以。

Q3:  費用是否非常昂貴?
A3:  Smart XTR產品, 打破傳統天價智能家居方案, 歡迎查詢報價。(例:全屋智能燈掣連安裝, 低至$4500)

Q4:  同過往其他智能家居分別在哪?
A4:  過往的智能家居, 主要用遙控/電動(如:燈/窗簾), Smart XTR則以手機APP控制於WiFi環景下的智能家居裝置, 無距離限制, 於世界任何地方都可經網絡查看裝置狀況及各種操作。

Q5:  對於一般用戶, 會否很難使用/設定?
A5:  Smart XTR的手機APP, 設計方向是要令廣大用戶都能自行設定或作出各樣修改, 介面清晰易懂, 不再像過往智能家居必須專業人員處理。即使還有疑問, 可聯系我們客服查詢。

Q6:  住處有多個使用者, 設定上會很繁複嗎?
A6:  非常簡易, 所有設備都設定好之後, 可分享權限給其他帳戶使用者(帳戶可以電話號碼/電郵申請)

Q7:  如網絡狀況異常, 設備能正常使用嗎?
A7:  Smart XTR絕大部份產品, 都有手動操作的模式, 以應對沒有網絡的環景及情況, 例如: 燈掣可觸控開關、窗簾有手推模式或遙控 等等。

Q8:  產品有保養嗎?
A8:  Smart XTR全線產品, 一年保養。

Q9:  會有被入侵系統的可能嗎?
A9:  Smart XTR APP連接雲端, 加密伺服器, 再以電話/電郵認證用戶, 擁有高度保安功能。

Q10:  如有興趣安裝智能窗簾, 會提供專人度尺服務嗎?
A10:  為確保過程流暢, 客戶可先提供大概尺寸, 我們會提供初步報價, 之後再安排上門度尺睇位。(費用$300, 安裝後回扣)

Q11:  安裝智能家居好奢侈?
A11:  以往智能家居方案很貴, 好多人會認為智能家居係奢侈玩意, 但經過時代進步同我地面世, 智能家居支援好多方面既需要, 例如 照顧小朋友/老人、防盜保安、節省電源、商用方便管理, 不論任何情況, 最重要係提高生活質素。

Q12:  智能家居係咪好嘥電?
A12:  智能家居產品, 需要長時間有電源供應, 但待機電源極低,相反可以令所有設備於適當時間開關, 大大減少不必要既浪費, 結果係更節省電源。


Q: Can I just add a few smart home items to my home first and would the project be too small for your company?

A: Of course can start with any number of items, we have different smart home products and solutions to suit your current requirements and needs for your home or office. We can do projects ranging from a single room to a large office or hotel.


Q: Can buildings of all ages be converted to a smart home or building?

A: Yes. 


Q: How are your product cost and installation fee compare to your competition?

A: Our prices are extremely competitive. As an example, our Smart XTR smart home package with 3 smart light switches including installation is only $2999. Please contact us for other quotes.


Q: What makes your current smart home products better than the ones in the past?

A: In the past smart home products consist of products such as light or curtains controlled by remote controls. Smart XTR branded smart home products (lights, curtains, switches, plugs, sensors, door locks, doorbells, etc) are all controlled by a single APP on your smartphone or tablet. Since the smart devices are all linked to your home wifi, they can be controlled and operated from anywhere in the world via your smartphone/ tablet as long as there is wifi or mobile data connection.


Q: Is it difficult to add and pair the smart devices to the APP?

A: The Smart XTR mobile APP is designed to allow users to be able to easily set or make pairings. The interface is clear and simple to use and does not require any IT or professional knowledge of smart home use. If you encounter any problems with your set up, you can always contact us for assistance.


Q: I have multiple users in my home. Is it possible to share the usage permission and is it difficult to set up the permission?

A: Yes, you can share the usage permission. Once all the devices are set up the admin of the account can easily share the account with other users and is able to assign which devices are accessible by each individual user. The permission is easy to set up and can be shared to the users via email or mobile number


Q: If the wifi network is not working properly or disconnected, can the devices be still operated?

A:  Most of Smart XTR products can be operated manually in case of no wifi connectivity.  eg: Light switches and curtains 


Q: Is there any warranty on your products?

A: We have one year warranty on all our products.


Q: Is the APP secure?

A: The Smart XTR APP is connected to the cloud server via encrypted technology. And it's authenticated by mobile number or email. 


Q: If I want to install smart curtains, what is the process to get a quotation and installation?

A: Initially we get the customer to tell us the size of the curtain to be installed and based on that we give an approximate quote. If the customer accepts the quote, we would then arrange to go to your place to do a proper measurement. The measuring cost will be $300 of which is refundable and will be credited to offset the final bill of the full purchase.